The meaning of ‘Get my neck

The passage below is from Fathoms: The World in the Whale Hardcover by Rebecca Giggs.

Beneath a brightening sky on the Perth shoreline, people were posing for photographs in front of the beached whale. A mother stretched the elastic strap of a sunhat beneath the fat, folded chin of her rankled infant. ‘Get my neck,’ said a girl to her friend, who was absorbed in dribbling lotion onto her own thigh.

In the passage above, I cannot get the meaning of the underlined phrase, ‘Get my neck’.

In a way it seems like to ask her friend ‘to hold her neck’ or in the other to ask to the same friend who was dribbling lotion onto her own thigh to daub some of the lotion she’s dribbling onto her neck.

I’m not sure which is right or whether there is utterly different meaning I cannot come up with.

Thanks in advance.

Stenka25to daub some of the lotion she’s dribbling onto her neck.

Yet, it means " cover my neck with sun block lotion, so I won't get a sunburn there."


rankled This word doesn't make sense here. Do you perhaps mean wrinkled'?

She is asking her friend to daub some lotion on her neck

What get means depends very much on the context.

eg If the phone is ringing, get the phone means 'answer the phone'.

eg If i am carrying a lot of groceries,, I might say to my wife, please get the door, meaning open the door.


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Thanks a lot as always, Clive.