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"i'm gonna do something" means going to right?
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Lol! Second slang in a day! Yep, 'gonna' is short for 'going to'
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and also meaning of
lemme .. let me Emotion: big smile ...
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Don't forget to put a verb after the "going to", otherwise you can't pronounce it as /gonna/. Many pronounce it as /goin tuh/, too.

Subject + be + going to + verb (+ noun)
He's going to cook (dinner).

If you put a noun (place) after the "going to", you can only pronounce it as /going to/ or /going tuh/.

Subject + be + going to + noun
He's going to school.

Remember that /gonna/ and /goin tuh/ are only supposed to be used in speech. It's fairly common for people to use them, along with other reduced pronunciations, in writing to save on time and energy. My advice is to please make an effort to use the entire term-no sense in developing bad habits while learning a language. (Ok, you may use them when sending SMS!) Emotion: smile
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Guest"i'm gonna do something" means going to right?
I wanna go there = I want to go there

So, wanna = want to Emotion: smile

gimme = give me

lemme = let me

kinda = kinda of

sorta = sort of
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shoulda=should have p.p

musta=must have p.p

coulda=could have p.p.

sko= let's go etc.etc.
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shoulda=should have p.p

musta=must have p.p

coulda=could have p.p.

sko= let's go etc.etc.
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Quote: " The meaning of 'Gonna'"

"He's a gonna" means, "he's going to die soon" or "he is going to be killed/murdered soon.".

(If we are going to indulge in slang lingo, we might as well get immersed to the full.)
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Hi guys,

"He's a gonna" means, "he's going to die soon"

No, the normal slang expression here is 'He's a gonner'. 'Gonna' is a verb form, and the word here is a noun.

It can also be used for things - 'This TV is a gonner, I have to buy a new one'.

Best wishes,

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