The sentence below comes from the book, What’s The Right Thing To Do. In the sentence, the meaning of “if anything” is not familiar to me?

If so, what, if anything, should the law do about it? http://www.amazon.com/Justice-Whats-...ion/0374532508

So I look up my dictionary, and there’s only one meaning for that phrase with the following example sentence which doesn’t seems comparable to the previous one.

She's not thin—if anything she's on the plump side.

Can you give me the exact meaning of the first sentence, and if you can, another example sentence for me?

If so, what, if anything, should the law do about it?

A longer form of the part in red is
If the law should do anything, what should the law do?

Here's a simpler, more concrete example.

I cut my face while shaving. What should I do, if anything?
eg Should I put on a band-aid?
eg Should I go to the doctor?
eg Or should I do nothing?
The 'if anything' phrase raises the possibility of doing nothing. The position of 'if anything' can vary in the sentence.

Thanks as always, Clive.