1. It's your turn.

2. It hurts. / Where does it hurt?

3. I made it.

I can't put these 'it' into Japanese at all.

How would you feel these 'it'?

Do they have some meaning?

thank you.

hat train 4281. It's your turn.

This is a dummy "it" (no specific meaning, but needed to satisfy the grammar).

hat train 4282. It hurts.

Depending on context, "It" may refer to a body part, or to the thing that is causing pain, or it may be a dummy if no specific body part is meant.

hat train 428 Where does it hurt?

Likely to be a dummy "it".

hat train 4283. I made it.

In the idiomatic sense of "I succeeded", this is a dummy "it". In the sense of creating or building something, "it" refers to the object that you made.

hat train 428I can't put these 'it's into Japanese at all.

Please don't try to translate one word at a time.

Read the English sentence and understand what it means. Once you understand the whole sentence, ask yourself, "How do we express that thought in Japanese?" Once you have that, you've got your translation of the sentence. The Japanese sentence might not have the same words as the English sentence, but if it conveys the same idea, it's a correct translation.