i have some problems concerning reference:

1. question: 'you have got a stain on your sleeves.' 'so i have.'
so i have = i do not care?
2. question: this is a segment from an article:

first sentence:
as with the other occasions, this was one that i experienced through words rather than pictures, even more so than czechoslovakia '68.

second sentence:
the effect was that of reading a novel as opposed to watching a play and, despite now my having seen some news footage, has reamined so to this day.

the first sentence means the occasion, the antecedent of 'this', the narrator experienced through in a way that he saw more pictures than moving images, as with the other occasions.
he even saw fewer picture images than he did them of czech 68.
he even saw fewer pictures than he did of czech '68.
is this sentence correct?

concerning the second sentence:
i can not make head nor tail of this. i do not have the fogiest idea of what it means:(

i earnestly plea for help.

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thank you grammar geek!

By the way, I"m still struggling to understand it too.

I guess he's saying that to this day, even though he has now seen footage (moving pictures) of what the events looked like, he still thinks of the entire experience in words - sometimes when you read a book, you form your own pictures in your mind - but the descriptions are still based on the words he read, not the images he saw.
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