The most common lies in the English Language:

It wasn't me.
I'm fine.
Gee, you haven’t changed a bit.
The cheque is in the mail.
I never got the message.
We service what we sell.
She is only a friend.
Your baby looks so beautiful.
That looks so good on you.
One size fits all.
I'll start my diet on Monday.
Thank you, dinner was so delicious.
I need 5 minutes of your time.
I never said that.
Give me your number and the doctor will call you right back.
Money cheerfully refunded.
This offer limited to the first 100 people who call in.
Leave your CV and we’ll keep it on file.
This hurts me more than it hurts you.
Your table will be ready in a few minutes.
Open wide, it won’t hurt a bit.
Let’s have lunch sometime.
It’s not the money, it’s the principle.
I wasn’t feeling well.
I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.
I was just kidding.
I was only trying to help.

If you can think of any more, feel free to add them here.
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Hey, you've lost weight!
I will be loving you always.
Bye, I will write to you.
I believe you.
I don't drink at all.
We don't have to sign it, oral agreement will be fine.
I'm not hungry.
Did I ever tell you lies?
It makes my cry.
All I want is just peace in all the world.

And - all-time Internet hits:
Free MP3 download.
You've won $10000!
I am sorry,
I didn't mean it,
Every purpose has a reason,
I love you,
I need you,
I can't live without you,
I love my car,
I believe in you,
I like orange,
I'll catch you later,
I'll catch your fall,
I won't hurt you.
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I never tell the truth,
You are a great guy,
I hate you.
Some more common lies....
Don't worry!
It'll be OK!
I don't know who she is.
You'll get over it.
I'm not afraid of ghosts.
Don't take it personal.
Of course I can keep a secret! a.k.a. I swear I won't tell anyone!

And, how could you forget "not tonight, I have a splitting headache"?? ~laughs~
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