Hello, everyone

So, I noticed there are several ways to pronounce a single number, and I'd like to know which ones are the most common. For instance, the number 3474. As far as I know, it can be pronounced as Thirty Four Hundred Seventy Four, Thirty Four Seventy Four and Three Thousand Four Hundred And Seventy Four. How should I pronounce it?

Also, I'm curious about the word "and'. What are people more inclined to do when they're pronouncing numbers? Say the word "and" or just completely discard it? Is One Hundred And One more frequent than One Hundred One?

Thanks in advance, and please, if you feel like mentioning something that I didn't necessarily ask for, but is relevant to the topic, do so.


In the US. large numbers are written with a comma seting off every group of three digits, as in "3,474" and "3,245,677". There are exceptions such as years and page numbers. We don't capitalize them when we write them out.

In formal writing, it is best to not use "and" unless there is a reason to, but I can't think of one. Most people use "and" at all times, I'd say. I try not to, but your example is one case where it's hard not to—a hundred (and) one, maybe thanks to those darned dalmatians. "And" is used in dollars and cents, but not within the dollar number. For example, $120.45 is one hundred twenty dollars and forty-five cents.

You see that I wrote "a" hundred and one up there. "A" is common with round numbers—a thousand and one uses for duck tape, a million and one reasons not to go to Disney World, a billion people can't be wrong.

JoaozinThirty Four Hundred

That's colloquial.

JoaozinThirty Four Seventy Four

So is that.

JoaozinAlso, I'm curious about the word "and'.

That is one of the differences between American English and British English. Americans don't usually include that word. British people usually do.