we could improve, reply back, if you have any other slang words.
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I know ain't, cuz, yo, but not sure what others mean?
Dawg: It's a pronunciation spelling of the word dog. If someone's "my dawg," he or she is my friend. If someone's a "dawg," he or she is promiscuous. I can also "dawg" something--If I'm hungry, I'll dawg my food, meaning that I'll eat a lot of it in a hurry. And in sports, you can "dawg" the other team. If you got beat 20 to nothing in a soccer game, you got dawged.

Aiight: That's just "all right." "How are you today?" "Aiight." It's a Southern American English pronounciation and isn't just limited to rappers or African Americans.

Dat: That. African Americans, Cajuns, Southerners, New Yorkers, and some others use it. The New Orleans Saints (an American football team in Cajun country) once had a slogan: Who dat say dey gone beat dem Saints? You see (or hear) 'dat' in Jamaican English, too.

Holla: This comes from "holler," which is a Southern and Appalachian American word used by both blacks and whites, and it means "to yell."

African American and Southern American English are closely related in vocabulary and pronunciation.
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Couldn't have said it better myself
I dont think there is a MOST COMMON slang list because slang and jargon terms exist through every part of society in every part of the world. Its usually the cool kids who want to shut out the uncool kids who create the new terms, but on another level its also Lawyers who speak in legalese, that try to shut out everyone except their own bad are some slang terms from New Zealand ok?
Shielas = Females
Fush n Chups = Fish n chips
Pommy= English people
Ocker= Australian
Sheep= Australian playmate
Minge= A womans happy place
Peenywacker= A mans happy place
Strewth mate= Its the truth mate
Chuptu?= what are ya up to? What are you doing.
Hoon= Boy racer
Wicked= Good
Chur chur= Gidday
Satdee= Saturday
New Zillind= New Zealand
There are most used slang words but you only have the simple ones for example these are many that im around and use myself:
Kinfo: kinfolk
***: friend, not comonly used on someone you barely met
homeboy/girl: really close friend, very trusted
(not boyfriend or girlfriend)
wut up: what's up?
crib: home
flow: rap straight from your head
playa: player (w/ the ladies)
my girl: my girlfriend (simple)
my man: my boyfriend(usually warning he is owned)
chillin: doing nothin relaxing
cruisin around: driving around in a car!!
fo sho ***: for sure buddy
pimp: like a player with style
naah: no
krunk: it was the best ( like a party that wasnt boring)
bunk: it sucked ( a party nobody went to)
forreal: for real, really ( but u say it together)

Well i think u kinda get it. and theres plenty more this is more common and what others are saying and using in written sounds fake unreal? sry oh well
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what is the translation of "stop stuntin" ?
that's what's up= that's cool
What it Do? = What's up?
You acting real Hollywood= when someone is acting like they're better then everyone else
Do your Thug thizzle= Do you
What's the bizness= what's going down
fa shigadel= for sure
fa definite= no doubt about it
one= goodbye " Ight man, one"
Be very, very, VERY careful if you use "***"; it is a extremely insulting term from the times of slavery for african americans; while it may be used as a "friend" word, it can still be taken VERY seriously.

Also - I'm american, and reading almost every word you've all posted is hillarious. Not to mention that no self-respecting adult would say any of them.
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