What's the most hilarious film you've ever watched? The one that you can't help laughing out loud when you watch it. I'm thinking of "Meet the parents" right now. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

How about you?
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dumb n dumber
so dumb .. lol ..

meet the parents is certainly a good one too ..
Da Cutest, isn't that film about two dumb guys who are the dumbest on earth? lol, I haven't seen it, but is it similar to 'Dude, where's my car?'. That, I've seen it and it was sometimes funny.Emotion: smile
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Hmm..Dogma makes me laugh everytime, same with Monty Python and The Holy Grail, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Three very funny movies, also Meet The Parents is good too.
Eight legged freaks.

Especialy the scene were a boy is sitting in a truck with his girlfriend. He tried wooing his girlfriend but she rejected him with a electric-shocker. Emotion: big smile
Planes, Trains & Automobiles is one of the best comedies. Steve Martin and John Candy's characters are trying to travel home for thanksgiving. It definately is funny but also a very touching movie. My more recent favorite is Todd Solondz's Happiness which has a bit darker humour.
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Hello gleoEmotion: smile
Happiness is one of the funniest movie I've ever seen, but you're right, it's a bit darker and not everyone thinks this is a comic movie, but I couldn't help laughing when I saw it. I haven't seen Planes, Trains & Automobiles so I'll check it out next time I want to see a comic film.

Whitnail and I, definitely. The script is incredibly well-written, and Richard E Grant ("that prancing ponce") had me in fits all the way through. I find myself quoting from the film every chance I get.
i can confirm what matthew just said, He really does quote that film non-stop heheheheeh

luckly for me though, i happen to like that film, so being with him for 6 hours a day isnt as bad as it might seemEmotion: smile

just joking matt!
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