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Please give a look at [url=http://www.durex.com/uk/files/2005_GGS%20Report_final.pdf] this report[/url]. I was shocked to know Japan is the most loveless country in the world. I'd like to hear opinions from you.

The frequency of sex per year (times).

Global Average (103)
1. Greece (138), 2. Croatia (134), 3. Serbia & Montenegro (128), 4. Bulgaria (127), 5.Czech Republic (120) 5. France (120), 7. United Kingdom (118), 8. Netherlands (115) 8. Poland (115), 10. New Zealand (114), 11. United States (113), 12. Chile (112), 13. Turkey (111), 14. Iceland (109), 14. South Africa (109), 16. Australia (108), 16. Canada (108), 16. Portugal (108) 19. Belgium (106), 19. Italy (106), 19. Slovakia (106), 22. Austria 105, 23. Spain (105), 24. Germany (104), 24. Switzerland (104), 26. Finland (102), 27. Israel (100), 28. Denmark (98), 28. Norway (98), 30. Ireland (97), 30. Thailand (97), 32. China (96), 33. Sweden (92), 34.Taiwan (88), 35.Vietnam (87), 36. Malaysia (83), 37. Hong Kong (78), 38. Indonesia (77), 39. India (75), 40. Singapore (73), 41. Japan (45).

Blimey, what's with Japan?
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Surely such reports on such personal issues will hold no truth!We cannot ever calculate the frequency of sex/ country, forget about comparing.
Yes, It is a bit difficult to keep track of these things.
I always lose count when I get to around two, ... or is it one? I can never remember.
Nevertheless, Japan does need more babies. Perhaps we can construct a powerful jammer to interrupt television signals for a week or two. That would do the trick!
Perhaps it's saying that more people are staying single (though not necessarily celibate).

We have the same issue in HK. Very low birth rate. Rather worrisome, actually. Primary schools are closing because of this.
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Wow, the result is very shocking!Emotion: surprise

Are we living in such a loveless country(Japan)!?Emotion: crying

Paco- do you view the statistics as credible?
It's regrettable to me but I rather am inclined to believe the statistics is not far from true. I think one of Japan's problems lies in that people, male people above all, have to spend too much time to do their office business. The regular office working time in Japan is commonly from 9 AM to 6 PM. In the big cities like Tokyo, people have to spend 1 to 1.5 hours per trip from their home in suburbs to their offices in the business center so that they have to leave their home as early as 7 AM in the morning. And they rarely leave their office at 6 PM. Most of them have to do some overwork, maybe until 7 PM, sometimes even until 9 PM. Then they have to make again a trip of 1 to 1.5 hours to home. How could they find a time to do love business with their partner at home or other place during week days? Because of this, women, especially stay-home-moms, are left alone for a long time every day and this makes them direct their attention and affection much more to their children than to their husband. As the result, I guess, many of marital couples in Japan, while they are being a good father and a good mother for their children, are loosing the feeling that they are lovers for each other.