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Please accept a Chinese girl's respect Blueclown. History is to be remembered forever.
Thanks so much , my dear viewers . The reason why I have been quiet for such a long time is that I have got serious illness . Besides , I have heaps of homework to do , and many extra classes to attend . However , I will try to translate some more . I want to know if you are bored with my diary so that I can end with the last translation straight away . Because I think ,to go over the whole diary , I have to translate about 5 or 6 or more and you have to wait for a long time .

To anonymous who is like Fred : I 'm really impressed when reading your line . Thanks for your love for VietNam , an S - shaped land . I will try my best to come up to your expectation .
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I want to say you, that you have done a very good work. I'm looking forward to read the whole story!

this may be what Fred found when searching in google . And this also may be the place where the original diary of Dang Thuy Tram is put { i mentioned in the first post }I don't know if it relates to this topic or not . But why don't we try ? I'm now translating some dates in Dang Thuy Tram 's diary . I will be back soon . Bye bye

Thanks to your encouragement , finally i translated some more lines in Dang Thuy Tram’s diary . Hope that I will not let you down , I will also send you some pictures of Dang Thuy Tram , which I take from this diary . The quality of picture may be so low but at least you can imagine something about this esteemed lady . And now , it’s time to continue …

" 24.5.69

Coming back to Pho Cuong when the battle started to break out . At 2 o’clock the shot began . Bombs , bullets , bangers , helicopters , all of them combined into a complicated sound – the sound we usually hear in fighting films . Listening to the shot , I’m little bit worried because we are quite near the border of battle . At that time , I saw Thuan running even though the plane was flying above . He anxiously called me to come to the dug-out to hide .

That night , we witnessed the scene of battle field together . The enemy reacted extremely violently , jet-planes released bombs everywhere ,fighter helicopters slided , beaming the floodlight and volleying burst of fire onto the battle ground . In the night sky , flaming bullets were dropping as if the fire were pouring down the battle and pouring down my heart as well . Who would have to stand those burst of bullets ? Are they you , the liberation soldiers who used to go with me the night before ? Lam , and brother Den … and so many others . A whole sleepless night . I felt like being on tenterhooks , hatred and meditative ."

" 18.6.69

Received a letter from home , the letter is saturated with the colour of peace *. The streets covered with the red flamboyants flowers and the small room in the fragance of lotus . The familiar radio on the cupboard is put at the center of the room . Alas ! My younger sisters , that scence is so far- away , your sister Thuy here just knows flaming volley of bullets in the sky , the acrid gunpowder rushing into the nose , and parting moment in anxiety … That’s why I feel sad when reading your pieces of letter .

This time , many people are allowed to go the North* . They went happily and cheerfully , but when coming and saying good bye to me , it seemed that they didn’t dare express that happiness . Anyway , I grined when I saw them off . But after that , I stood alone , keeping silent in a long time and didn’t know what to say . Thuy , don’t be blue , let’s set time till someday when our country gains indepence , Th will also go to the North , then happiness will be perfect .

* The north, where Thuy Tram’s family were living at that moment gained temporary peace but the South hadn’t .


The dead of Giau made me flabbergasted . In this raid today , the spys shew the underground hideout where he was living . Some mines and cartridge belts of the bloodthirsty enemy killed Giau and another 5 guerillas . Some days before , I had met Giau in Xuan Thanh . The new head nurse of Pho Cuong was very happy meeting me again , he is quite different from few times I met before . May be among what Thuan transferred to him was also one thing that he didn’t speak out loud : it is the duty of protecting me – the cadre of district , his beloved person . Giau completed that responsibility well . He was on be half of Thuan leading me to everywhere for work . Till late at night , he brought me to Thuan’s house and murmured with Thuan : " So now do we let Tram with you or go with me ? " My foster brother replied : " It depends on you" . Giau entrusted me to Thuan , " please guarantee sister Thuy Tram ‘s safety , Thuan ". When it was quite late , he went away .

I can’t imagine that the dinner having with him on the way through the hamlet , the time eating with him a melon and some bowls of night porridge in the cosy atmosphere of family will be the last .

This night , in the same moonlight , still those people , that scence but he is now lying in the land .

His young wife holds the small child in her arms , sitting silent like a dead body . I don’t know what to say with her and my tears was overflowing when hearing her voice choked with emotion in tears : " He now rests in peace , but how can you and Thuan avoid danger and losses ? "

Alas ! What can I say exept revenge ? Revenge for people laying down and also for us , the people living in disgust and anguish .

Thuan looked at me again , his black eyes spoke to me in silence :" Life is so short ,isn’t it , my dear ? What should we do so that we won’t regret when departing from this life ? "


Today is daddy’s birthday , I remember that day in the scence of falling bomb and shooting . Yesterday , an unexpected burst of banger killed 5 people and made 2 people injure . I was also in the aiming point of those extremely heavy bangers . Every person hasn’t pulled themselves after being stunned . But I was still like before , still grieved , anxious and meditative in mind . Parents and my dear younger sisters , at that place you can’t penetrate the life here . A greatly heroic but miserably hard life . Dying is easier than having a meal . However , people are still fighting persistently . I’m among thousands of those people , I’m living and struggling , and think that I will lay down for the future of nation . Someday , in the song of triumph , there will be no me . I’m proud of having sacrificed my life for our country . Of course I also feel bitter because of not being allowed to live any more . The peaceful and happy life that people including me had to shed blood and bones to gain . But no problem , millions of people like me lay down without enjoying a completely happy day . That’s why i don’t regret anything !

This afternoon , feeling sad again , I miss you uncannily. At the present , what are you doing ? I imagine you lying on the hammock , your eyes are grieved and nostalgia makes your face so gaunt . My foster brother , what can I say to you , my special brother ? * "

Please read carefully this paragraph . The foster brother that she mentions was THUAN . I will tell you an interesting secret about the relationship between this person and Dang Thuy Tram later .


Met San in the plain . San didn’t fancy having that meeting so he stood transfixed with surprise . Amazement and jubilation prevented him from saying something . San was going to the North so he implored me for going to his house . As I was out of respect for San , I followed him to where he was living . Stepping on the water flooded field of Pho Van , I came after him in the pouring rain in an afternoon . We decided to shelter from the rain in a house that San knew the family .But the house had been burnt by the American , it just remained a piece of sheet iron , there was not enough space for both hosts and guests . Feeling inconvenient , I called for San to go away , but the landlady heavy-heartedly said : " Why don’t you stay and eating rice before going ? You are afraid that the rice is not done to a turn , aren’t you ? "San and I didn’t intend to stay and eat rice but the pot of rice couldn’t be done to a turn indeed . It was raining ceaselessly and very few firewood at the center could be burnt . The pot of rice was boiled more slowly because of the extinguished flame and because the rain was dropping on the pot .Has any cameraman shot such a scene as this ? A simple scene tells people so much about the crime of war .

Among the guests sheltering from the rain was a cadre . He laughed , telling the story of previous time , when the enemy began to set fire and destroy . At that time , in the well-off hamlet , there were just some fired houses . On TET holiday * , the host laid out the meal to worship ancestor . The tray was put on a burnt door lying on the exposed floor . He – the cadre along with neighbours , visited that family . Looking at that scene , they couldn’t say in tears a complete phrase to encourage and console the victims . But now , it is the same in the whole hamlet and he smiled at this afternoon scene ! We won’t be defeated by those people , this house is burnt , we’ll build another . Just need some thatched pieces to make the cottage , no problem . Because of the life in war , people’s requirement is minimum . Life is now only fighting and working . As for another thing served for man , just a pot of rice with fish sauce , a nylon stretched out in the pit and a bag of clothes , rice , tuber , salt and sauce are enough and ready to be carried on shoulder when the enemy raids .

San ! When going to the North , remember to tell people living there that the South is still very miserable . Only when the American invaders are not present , is life really life . "

* TET holiday is one of the most important holidays in a year in Vietnam . It can be considered as the New Year holiday in the Lunar calendar .


The war is extremely cruel .This morning , they brought me a whole – body – wounded soldier. It is because of the heat of phosphorous bomb . He has been brought to me for an hour since he was in distress , but smoke was still spiralling up from his body . He was a 20-year old boy , the sole son of a female cadre in my hamlet . An unlucky accident made the phosphorous bomb go off and caused the boy’s seriously scalded wound . Noone could realize the usually handsome boy . His bright black eyes now are only 2 small burnt orbits and the smoke of phosphor was still rising in a burnt smell . He looked like having been baked by the oven . I stood transfixed in front of that heart-breaking scene . His mother was whining , her couple of hands trembled , touching the son’s whole body . Some pieces of skins were flacing off and made bend . His younger and elder sisters took care of him , the tears were overflowing on their cheeks . And one more girl was sitting next to him in stupefaction . Her gentle eyes were bleary because of anxiety , her hair sticked to her blushing cheeks in perspiration . She was too exhausted and moved . Tu ( the girl’s name ) is Khanh(his name)’s lover . She has carried Khanh onto the floor . Knowing that he needed serum to be transmitted , Tu waded across the river to buy it . The river level is rising high , although she didn’t know how to swim , love granted her the power . At this time , Tu is sitting there in silence , persistently . The naive forehead of a beautiful girl is now wincing in anguish .Looking at her, I had wanted to compose a poem about the crime of war , the crime of quelling millions of pure love , millions of man’s happiness , but then I couldn’t . My pen couldn’t write although this is a case I felt in my all senses and affection ."


The scene of sunset coming to the rice field is always poetic whatever circumstances are . This morning , the enemy staged raid in Kim Giao . On fighting , 2 fellows were seriously wounded . One person died . Despite sorrow and death pressing upon me , this afternoon , standing in the yellow-ripened rice field , I suddenly realized that life was still going on . People were still havesting rice in crowds , and the smile was still cheerful on the face of the young comrade going along with me . His name is Cong , who was Lien’s lover . Lien died just nearly 10 days ago , Cong is unspeakably desolate . But now , walking next to me , he is still merry and the conversation is still quite enthusiastic . A moment before going , he played a sheer jolly song with the mandolin . I watched him and felt so uncommon . If I were Cong , what would happen ?

I may not be able to have that smile and play that ardour music ."
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I’m little bit afraid because I have translated this diary without her mother’s permission. Is it ok ? I have known that Frederic Whitehurst is not a normal person . Although this is a topic on Dang Thuy Tram , you can know more about Frederic Whitehurst , a humanely person , an American soldier who realized his fault and the crime of war . Let’s search the word " Frederic Whitehurst" in www.google.com . You will know plenty of interesting informations about his carreer and his life . By the way , if in my translation , there are some stupid mistakes , please correct them for me , because when I don't realize my mistakes , I will make them over and over again . thanks

this is Dang Thuy Tram 's picture taken in 1960

In this picture , she is the lady on the left

this is Dang thuy Tram 's grave yard , and where she is resting in peace

she is playing the guitar , looks gentle

well , that's what i have , as you can see , she is not really beautiful but gentle . See ya
I am glad to read of your interest in the keeper of the diary for the last thirty-five years. As you have discovered via Google - Dr. Frederic Whitehurst is already an American hero. Though he is more. He is much the same as Dang Thuy Tram - his teacher.

Fred is a close family friend. Though I could tell you many interesting and exciting - and admirable - stories, due to Fred's humble and unassuming way, I know there are more.

First and foremost: Fred does not seek fame or fortune - though such are unavoidable. His story should be known; I am not exaggerating when saying Fred is what America prides itself in being, yet too often fails.

Fred is a small-town lawyer who drives a red pick-up truck in a one stop light town of Bethel, NC (population 1,600). He describes Bethel to be much like Duc Pho. Fred is down to earth and as accessible as your neighbor. Yet, he is a 'mover and shaker' on the national scene and does not lead a simple life.

Through two events - uncommon and special to me personally - Fred Whitehurst has gone far beyond appreciation. (Stories too personal to get into now - maybe when I know you better.) Through it all, he seeks nothing in return.

Big and strong as an ox, Fred has a commanding presence. He once said to me he preferred not to be singled out - wishing instead to be a another brick on a great wall - contributing mutually with others to build that wall. Fred, however, has few equals.

He isn't one in a million - he is one in ten million. He is a self-actualized genuine article; analytically and creatively ingenious, Fred has what America calls 'vision'. He is both tough-as-nails Fred Whitehurst and gentle as a teddy bear. While wanting everyone to win, and making those around him better, he remains selfless.

Dang Thuy Tram's mother recently adopted Fred into her family. Is this a great story, or what? In August, Fred and his brother returned to Vietnam to meet them. Once more, the humble Fred Whitehurst was thrown in the spotlight as his visit made national news in Vietnam. Later this month he will welcome his new Vietnamese family to the US - and Bethel, NC. I look forward to joining them for dinner - an occasion I know shall prove as memorable as all that has so far happened.
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FYI According to the time schedule, they might have been in North Carolina now with Fred's family.

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