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How happy I was when I could live in your ardent sense of mercy . Days living in the North , it’s impossible for me to imagine some times when I can see your glistening eyes , impossible to imagine when I can clutch your hands and give your hair a stroke . Today is that time . There is Thuong beside you , all of us lived in such a mild time . The revolutionary love did warm my heart , I don’t feel cold any longer although the breezy wind is coming and drizzling rain is scattering on every village .
Tomorrow I will set off , see you soon my beloved people and see you soon , my dear foster brother !


Cold night , each blowing gust of northeastern monsoon makes me numb with cold . Running to you , I was trembling slightly because of the coldness but then I got warm again because you brought me a piece of parachute fabric . And you hands wringed mine in profound cherish . It hadn’t been time to go , so I lingered in a short time but time doesn’t permit me . At 3.45’, brother Thuong and I took the bags over our shoulders . My foster brother saw me off till going to the gathering place . In the parting moment , I saw in your affectionate black eyes an uncanny love and remembrance – I said good bye to you as if to a dear brother by birth .

When will I meet you again ?

Does the harsh atmosphere of war make me run out of tears ? In the past , a sad story in a film could make me shed tears but now I can bite my lips silently in a parting moment when both people staying and going don’t know whether who will live or die then . And this afternoon , standing in front of Nhieu’s grave , I felt that my heart was oozing blood , but I just had tears welling up . His tomb is next to the way , the wreath hasn’t withered , he has died for more than 100 days but I still think that young brother has recently laid down . Burning an incense and setting up on his tomb , I didn’t know what to say with a dead person . Nhieu ! You have died as an unyielding soldier and your life is such a song for the living to sing and praise . Nhieu ! You died when being in a youthful dreamy life , in a blooming love . Your relatives and I can just promise that we will keep on fighting to revenge for you . ”



“ Hold fast to the spirit of a Communist . The spirit is as transparent as crystal , as solid as diamond .And hold fast to the resplendent belief . The Communist loves his life so much but if necessary he can be willing to die ”



On New Year Eve ‘s of 1969 , we are operating to the old infirmary . The leave-taking moment between me and close people on PHO KHANH land is so unforgettable for me .

Nearly one month ago when I came back from the North after 2 years apart , the first close person holding me in the tight arms and shedding tears is Van , a constant friend who loved me as a sister by birth . What can I do to repay for that full of deep affection , Van ? Tonight , when my feet are stepping on familiar and dangerous ways , I am really deep in though . The more violent and fierce the struggle is , the nearer I am to the death . Once , if I had been late for few minutes , I would have been dead or in the enemy’s prison . Not until we were 20 meters far from the hostile , did we run . Luckily , my cadres and wounded soldiers were all right , but I lost all of the bags , there was only a small bag consisting of some technical tools and a radio left . After a night sleeping in the forest and a day climbing over mountains , we finally came to civilians and cadres’ dwelling of Pho Khanh . There we did live in the love of people . Bon’s family , Truu and Hon , Long , Ba, Duc … treated me with kindness and consideration . There , there were also Hoan , Tong , brother Xu .. , who were very soulful and kid-glove cadres .

This afternoon , when I left , close people saw me in such a long way . When will I come back here to sit again in the boat sailing on the windy An Khe marsh ?

Good bye my beloved Pho Khanh . Good bye Van , we will get together someday

Mr Robert , do you still view my posts ? I know that the translation of Dang Thuy Tram's diary has been published . Can you show me that address where people can buy the book ? Many of my foreigner friends want to read the whole diary . Please reply to me soon .
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it's bopring
http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/vietnamcenter/diary /
That is where you can download the whole translation of Dang Thuy Tram's diary . It' time for me to stop posting here . You may not know the reason why a small country can defeat a huge country . Reading this diary , You yourself will know the true answer . Thanks for your supporting during the time I translate this diary . THANK YOU SO MUCH .
Today , i have met Robert Whitehurst . The conversation was quite great . He said that at the end of this year , he will publish the english version of Dang Thuy Tram's diary in the USA . Let's wait
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You can buy Thuy Tram's diary in Nha Xuat Ban Hoi Nha Van, in Vietnam or in any bookstore in Vietnam. You can try with www.hasubasa.com. , or ebay, however, I think you can also borrow one from library in the USA (they also have interlibraryloan service). I've just borrowed one Vietnamese version from Memorial Library in University of Wisconsin Madison and try to translate some pieces of this diary into English.

Thuy Pham

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The English translation of the diary on the site you mentioned has since been removed. Have you saved a copy of that translation, or do you know how I might get one? I enjoyed reading the excerpts you translated very much.
I'm Vietnamese. I love Dr Dang Thuy Tram and so understand your feelings. I've read her diary hundreds of time with the full feelings as in the first time I've read it. I've just read your translation but feel that it doesn't translate Thuy's soul. It doesn't bring me emotion, sorry to say so. Anyway, your effort is praiseworthy
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