This may be the last time I tell you a story about Vietnam war athough we are very proud of our resplendent victory in the past . People say that friends from all over the world just know Viet Nam as a country undergoing 2 wars and that is what I do not want . However I will regret if I do not tell you this poignant story.The last does not mean the worst. On the contrary , this is the uncanniest but true story that I have ever read . Do you believe that a diary has its own fate ? I'm sure you will trust after reading this story . Nowadays , it is talked about so much in every Vietnamese newspaper ,yesterday, they broadcasted a special program about the martyr and her splendid story . This is my gift for all of you , my friends living throughout the world .
Well , let me see where to begin . The diary belongs to a 27-year old martyr . Her name was DANG THUY TRAM . Her death was also a wonderful and incredible story , but I will tell you about this later . Reverting to the diary , the reason why it is special is not only the content inside but also its destiny . It came back to Vietnam after drifting in the USA for 35 years . It has been kept in the hand of an American , who used to be a belligerent army officer in Duc Pho , Quang Ngai , Viet Nam .His name is FREDERIC WHITEHURST. The fate of Tram 's diary began after she had passed away . According to the rule of US army , all of the unimportant documents for the army seized from the enemy had to be burnt and Fred was the one who was entrusted . That day , he had lots of documents . Together with the interpreter ,he started burning all of the documents that were useless . While he was firing them , Nguyen Trung Hieu - the interpreter,held a small notebook approaching to him and said: " Fred , don't kindle this notebook.Because it itself has a flame inside . " Looking at Hieu's moving face and his respect for the notebook , Fred did as he said and put it into the pocket.
Night after night , they read that notebook together . By the translation of Hieu , Fred knew that it was a diary of theVIET CONG , she had worked in Duc Pho as a doctor for nearly 2 years . Some months after , Fred received the second diary of Thuy Tram , which was also given by Trung Hieu . Every line in her diary made Fred touched so much even when Hieu translated it in a hurry . It was the hatred for the American aggressors . In 1972, Fred came back to the USA, bringing home the two diaries .But his heart always suffered torments from the radiant flame of two discoloured notebooks . He tossed and turned every night because he wanted to do something for that doctor . For many times did Fred tried to find Tram's family , but in vain, although thanks to the diary, he could know her parents' name , her university and the street they used to live .

ROBER WHITEHURST was also a veteran combating in Viet Nam . His two years in the Cuu Long river plain made him love this land and soulful , gentle Vietnamese . He married a Vietnamese girl , learnt Vietnamese , liked Vietnamese food and brought home Vietnamese vegetables to plant . He read Tram's diary when coming back to the USA in 1972. From the very first did the diaries make him thunderstruck . He read them over and over again . The more he read , the more affected he felt for a woman who was at the opposing camp . Then ,accidentally , by searching on the Internet , he found a so -calledVIETNAMCENTER at the university of Texas . He knew that they usually hold a annual convention about Viet Nam war. There were many people attending this convention : scholars , embassadors , generals and American veterans . Robert and Fred also attended and they told about Tram's diary poignantly . When the convention ended,people asked them lots of questions , many of them expressed a wish to find Tram 's family in VietNam .
TED ENGELMANN was one of the people attending that convention . Three days after that , he went to VietNam . In HaNoi , he relied on a friend working in an American huminatarian organization to find Tram's family. He worked enthusiastically although it was such a long way to seek . Finally , they succeeded in finding her father and her family . The copied CD of Dang Thuy Tram 's diary was given to her beloved family . The original notebooks are now preserved in the university of Texas . Like a fairy tale with a happy ending , the diary has come back to its motherland where its author used to live and lay down. Afterwards , Fred and Robert wrote lots of letters to Tram's mother to express their profound admiration for a bright soul and a miraculous optimism during the fierce war . In the agreement of Tram's family , they have published her diary . And DANG THUY TRAM ' S DIARY , besides FOREVER 20 ( which I mentioned in the very first post ) is being the best seller book in Viet Nam these days . The flame in Tram 's diary is still remaining and will never be extinguished . What created that flame that has changed the conception of enemy ? What made Fred and Robert move to tear every night ? How can the book wake up thousands of Vietnamese young people like me ? IT IS THE GREAT SOUL , THE GREAT LIVING IDEAL of a normal woman . That is why Fred and I want Thuy Tram to be known from all over the world .

The content of the diary itself is a wonderful story besides its fate . So I will translate some days in Thuy Tram 's diary as many as I can , but the book is not as short as I think , so I will try to read the whole book before translating into English .Please wait for me till tomorrow or the day after tomorrow . Wait for the next post and you will have to admire for my idol - a very young martyr.
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Very interesting, Blue Clown-- please continue.
Did u translate these things from another book? I've read it before but not here!
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hello everybody! I'm back . The Independence Day of VietNam is September the second, so this story becomes more meaning on this day .
When reading this diary , I decided to mark some remarkable and poignant pages to quote and translate . But finally , I found that I had marked nearly every page in Dang Thuy Tram 's diary. It 's hard to choose some . I wish I could translate the whole diary for you to read , but my English vocabulary and grammar limits and the new school year is on the way , I'm lack of time . Hope that one day , my proud book will be published in your country . I have known one more interesting thing that Thuy Tram used to study at the same high school with me
Now let's see what she wrote at the very first page of her diary :
" The most valuable property of a person is the life . In a life , people can just live once , so we have to live meaningfully so as not to feel deep regret of the time we used to live uselessly , not to feel ashamed of the time we used to live uselessly . Till the time we leave this world , we can proudly say that :" in our whole life , our whole soul has devoted to the most beautiful cause in the world : the cause of strugg for the human liberation ."
" Life has to suffer from the storm , but never lower our heads before the storm"
That was what Thuy Tram wrote at the first page , have you ever written something like that in your own diary ? I think her line is like the cliche but it itself was the motivation that helped our heroine to overcome difficulties of war .Quoting these lines , I do not want to tell you how I feel about Tram's soul , I just want to show and let yourself feel . However , she was an optimistic woman who had a sensitive heart but very consistent mind in the work . Above all , it was a vindictive hatred for the aggressors and traitors .
I think I have to tell you briefly about Thuy Tram 's biography before you read the lines below: Tram was the elder sister in a family of 3 daughters . Her parents are both doctors so they were the intelligentsias. Thuy Tram was a Hanoiance but after graduating the medical university at the age of 22 , she went of her own record to work as a doctor in a far far away land called Duc Pho , Quang Tri . It was one of the most violent battles during the war .
Here are some dates in her diary :

" 22.4.68
Huong! Was Huong dead ? I was stunned by the thunder-like news as if I were in the nightmare . When will this anguish end ? Now a person lays down , tomorrow , one more is going to lay down . Bone and blood piled in heaps like a mountain of disgust against our eyes . When! When and when my dear fellows ? When can we drive the bloodthirsty predators from our country ?
Now it ends, many nights confiding together in a whisper will not exist any more . The deep and sentimental voice of Huong is now very clear in my ears . She praises and encourages me , extolling my faithful love . Now it ends , many times swimming together in the stream and together sharing a cup of sweetened porridge. I remember the day meeting Huong near the spring in Nghia Hanh , Huong huged me tighly in her arms , kissing my hair , my cheek and both of us had tears welling up.
Looking at uncle Cong , who is still placid and has not known about that thunder-like news , I feel tormented as if someone salted my trauma . Loosing a daughter is much more painful than loosing one's gut . Uncle ,please repress your tears if you know this news ! And Quang , the faithful man waiting for Huong for many years , will never achieve his dream . Your Huong will forever lie at rest in your native soil . "

The war is still going on , the death is still happening every day , every hour , every minute ,as easy as anything . Yesterday night , Thin and brother Son were talking to me . Thin advised Le to buy material to make clothes , this night , they are just 2 bodies lying in the land of Duc Pho , where they had set foot in for the first time. Too easy to die , there is no way to beware of that loss. How sad !
What Lien said is quite right : Behave toward people with the honest love so that we will not regret when our friend died that when he was still alive , we had not love , protect and help mutually . I myself did as she said. For a long time am I soulful with all of my friends , a generous but very heartfelt affection . All of the patients in this hospital , in seriously ailing time , are treated by my sense of responsibility , my intimate compassion . Even when they feel so strange , they will later have a strong attachment for me as a close doctor . They call me "Second Sister " , they call themselves my younger brother although they are older than me , they played with me and coddle themselves with me as well . Among these formidable days , I have found the happiness and consolation from them .

" 4.6.68
The rain is still pouring down ceaselessly. The rain makes melancholy penetrate into the hearts of people. And the cold rain makes me extremely crave for the scene of gathering with family . I wish I had wings to fly back to my tiny house in Lo Duc street , to have a meal of vegetable with parents and sisters , and to lie curl up in the cosy quilted blanket and fell sound asleep. Yesterday , I dreamt about the restoration of peace , I came back to meet my relatives.Alas ! The dream of peace has been restless in the mind of 30 million of our compatriots for such a long time .For that peace and independence, we have sacrificed everything . Millions of people were willing to devote their whole lives to these 2words : independence and liberty . So was I , I also sacrifice my own life for that great cause ."

" 8.10.68
The sparkling sunshine at the beginning of this autumn is inundating the whole forest . This sunshine of the beginning of this autumn along with the wind has my heart wrung with pain . Remember again , the very immense and deep remembrance is like the ocean bed embracing VietNam strip of land . I miss the gentle and private friend living in a small house at the end of Doi Can street, miss the naughty girl with soft hair , miss a southerner brother who has sent me a letter to say good bye before setting off to study , miss another dear brother who has glistening eyes under long eyelash and miss so much a beloved person forever resting in peace on the coast of hometown.
My country! When will this remembrance suside , when will this country be in peace ? I know that the victorious day won't be so far but why do I feel that happiness is still mighty distant . I don't know whether I can see that happy day . "Communists love their lives so much , but if necessary , they can also quietly die. " Die but still love the life , the life for which people have to pay a heavy price during 30 years : perspiration , tears , bone and blood."

To all of you : There are many pages I want to translate , if you respond , please tell me and I will write more . The diary is very long and you don't want to read the whole immediately , right?
To anonymous : the story of Thuy Tram's diary is introduced at the very first page of the book . I admit translating the content of that story . Is there anything wrong? This does not mean plagiarism , does it ? You are a Vietnamese , right?
To Mistermicawber : thanks for your interest . I promise to translate much more . Because you are an American.
Wait for the next post
No indeed, nothing wrong with translating from another, blueclown-- it is not plagiarism unless you pretend that it is your original story. And I think you are doing a fine job trying to convey the original author's feelings authentically into the second language. (It is also excellent practice for your English.)

Yes, there are small matters to fix in the way of grammar and structure, but you are portraying Dang Thuy Tram and her message very effectively. When you have finished the task, it will be time to find an editor and proofreader to help you polish your work. You might want to approach the original publisher to inquire about publishing a translation.
I have not ever read DANG THUY TRAM' diary before . So I seem to be attracted when I get some touching first lines about a young girl's humanity accidentially .

I am looking forward to your next post of this ,so-called, holy diary . I beg your continuing!

I 'll tell to my youger sister about the immortal flame and spirit of Dr THUY TRAM

Sincerely !
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To anonymous: Thank you so much for your interest ! You are the motivation for me to translate more lines in Dang Thuy Tram's diary . I promise to translate as much and as fast as possible to come up to your expectation although I have begun a busy new school year . I will try my best . Just wait for me . By the way , where are you from ? Hope that you understand what I translated

To mistermicawber: I don't intend to publish the translated text of Dang thuy tram ' diary because some did that before me .

wait for me , all of you!
Sorry for making you wait for so long . I decided to post the next translation but my brother had taken the USB along with him , so I promise to post it this afternoon or tomorrow
Before continuing the next translation , I want to tell you that : We are the young generation born after the war . That is why many of us nowadays don't respect what we are having . We live wastefully . Dang Thuy Tram's diary has waken us up and remind us to live and to dedicate to our country .
On September the 5th , we celebrated the opening ceremony to greet a new school year . And a surprise came to us . Doan Ngoc Tram , who is Dang Thuy Tram's mother , came to our school for a talk ( Dang Thuy Tram used to study in our school ) . We were very happy listening to her confidence . Now , I will continue .
" 1.11.68
How strange ! In the sombre forest where the rain pours down continually , before my eyes was clearly a brilliant flower garden in the beautiful sunset of spring . Bunches of rose , gladiolous , peach blossom are blooming fully of flowers . A beloved friend and I walk together . That peaceful scenery is so far away , Thuy! When can the South enjoy that splendid season of flower ? Here , lethal weapons are still the heavy burden on people's lives . Yesterday , a 21-year - old boy who was scarred with wounds called my name just in hope of being cured , but I had to shed tears , looking him die on my powerless couple of hands . So , Th , in this South , flowers of victory , flowers of heros are always blooming but those flowers have to be grown by bone and blood , by the whole youthful lives of many people . Thuy is walking in the South , in that flower garden, feeling great admiration and pride , but also the great anguish when looking those flowers falling . In the previous time , Th loves flowers , now Th still loves them but Th more and more understands the beauty of FLOWER - and that love for flowers has developed so much the sense of love , disgust and pride of a Vietnamese . "

" 3.11.68
The North has gained peace and independence . The unjust sound of falling bomb has been dumb in my dear North . The North! The happiness is radiant on 16 million faces but those smiles still remain a misery because of the South , the South is still heart-rending with fire and sword , the South is still full of growl of the devil incarnate . My parents and my dear people outthere are happy today but can't stop feeling touched when thinking of the South and me . So cheer up , even though it is not an intergral happiness . "

" 25.11.68
There are heaps of work to do , I have had a headache and feel tired . I just want to come back quietly to the desolation of love . But wish is just a wish , reality is reality : the heart-rending moan and cry of patients is always in my ears , the stressful work is coming before my eyes with its various look : complicated , difficult and testy as well . "

" 26.11.68
A birthday in the sound of guns boomed in sucessive salvoes on all sides. The aggressors stage raids. I also get acquainted with the sceneries of carrying the backpack on shoulders , leading wounded soldiers to run away . No problem , 2 years familiar with fire and bullet of war .
Now , the forest is specially quiet . The shot has stopped , people keep quietly to monitor the situation . I myself suddenly am eager to remember the tranquil time in the North - it is also the sunshine of winter but it is so warm because of the full joy , parents bought flowers to give me , celebrated a party , friends came and congratulated... Now , my dream is different from it was before , if it comes true , let's privilege for people facing dangers for 23 years , young people who grew and just knew the anguish , hatred and sacrifice . And let's privilege for my beloved people in this Southern land . Mom and dad! Get ready with your whole sense of mercy to greet me and your Southern sons coming back . My brothers will deserve your affection . "

" 18.12.68
Can't be like what Mui said . Our way we are walking on is the way of friendship , it can't be the warm and bright way of love . So , before , now , and forever , I just consider Mui as a friend : understand , believe and fondness . That's enough , Mui . We needn't and can't develop our relationship.
Tonight , I'm on duty . The dim light in the small house , the moan of patient make me feel so sad . The remembrance with love overflows in me is stronger than ever . My intimate people! Does anyone penetrate my mind ? "

" 23.12.68
Memory 2 years since I had set food in this land . 3 o'clock , this time 2 years ago , the car was carrying me into another way . A mighty arduous way that Th knew before stepping on .
However , today , after 2 real years , Th still feels unhappy when looking back to the obstacles on that way . Don't be sad , that is life . There are aromatic flowers and brilliant sunset but there are also black clouds making the sky turbid. In a year , there are both sunny and rainy days .This afternoon , Th knew how to restrain the testiness to hold the notebook , smiling and teaching students . This night , Th knew how to calmly smile before the reaction of a person who was harmed his interest . So now , next to the lamp and the tiny notebook , why does Th have tears welling up? Don't cry , Th !Be calm and steady because you are a right person . If you cry , clutch one intimate person's hands to confide . As for the obstacle of life , the challenge and the danger ,hope that Th will keep the smile that Th usually do . Even when inside it are plenty of tears . Tears should be saved for my own dear people . Do you understand , Th? "

" 9.1.69
Bon is 21 years old this year . He has suffered 7 times of injury when fighting in battle . That young scout and also platoon leader gave me unforgetable impression and feeling .
I met Bon for the first time when he had to go to hospital with a small injury in foot . A few days later , when the wound hadn't completely healed , Bon came out of hospital . And more than one month later , I greeted Bon again in hospital . The wound in articulation made him loose so much blood that he was pale and exhausted.
But right after the surgery , when he came round , the naughty smile appeared again on his pallid lips . It was such a hurt trauma , but Bon didn't lament , he was just worried about one thing : Can he fight any more ? Everytime , I visited him , I quietly fondled the young wounded soldier's hair and told Bon : Feel secure , surely you will be able to hold the gun and fight stably .
Once , I met Bon when he was operating , carrying the AK rifle on the shoulders . Taking notice of me from a distance , he jubilated , acclaiming :" Hello doctor , I want to report you that my arm is okay again ." And he gesticulated to show off with me that his articulation has worked normally . I put on my best smile when seeing his ruddy skin and the naughty smile of that liberation soldier .
Today , Bon has to come to hospital , with the very pale skin . He lay motionless and didn't moan . A leg was cut by the mine , his clothes were imbrued with blood . With the sense of responsibility and mercy , my fellows and I made our arduous effort . After amputating a leg , Bon smiled and said: " Now I can live with 80%"
But I myself still feel anxious because Bon lost too much blood . His pulse is still very fast 140-150 but there are much hope.
Finally , Bon couldn't recover . There was so much blood oozed from the wound that he didn't have enough energy . Bon! Our hometown land was saturated with your blood . Your blood flew on your way of fighting . Your heart stopped thumping so that our country's heart will forever thump .
Bon died . His eyes shut tightly as if he were falling into a sleep . Sitting next to Bon , I gently fondled his hair . I thought that he was still alive and my tears was dripping onto his hair . No! Bon hasn't died , Bon will still alive in my mind and the fellows who are fighting with him together in this life- and - death struggle.
The misery has come again and my vindictive hatred for the aggressors is now thousand , million times heavier. Looking at Bon , I stunned when thinking of my dear brothers who are wrestling day and night with the enemy , rushing into danger of the war . On these days , adversaries are attacking Pho Cuong very violently . Thuan has escaped death by an inch for some times ... Alas! When those bloodthirsty enemy still exists , we still have to suffer great misery . There is no better way than beating those rascal's heads soundly. "
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