I was wondering if anyone knew the name of this song or the artist. The song is from the movie 28 Days starring Sandra Bullock.

"I'd rather be dreaming than living. Living's just too hard to do. It's chances it's choise; it's noises not voices. A day's just a thing to get through. Living's just too hard to do. Dreams might be pretend but at least dreams end. And I just can't stop thinking, you see. Thought's a small comfort to me.........."

It play during the part in the movie where Andrea, Gwen's roomate is found dead in her room.


It's called Dreaming by Norma Waterson released around 1996 or something.
I like Sandra Bullock's acting.Emotion: smile
Actually that Song from 28 Days is sung by Loudon Wainwright III(the wierd guy that played the guitar and keyboard in the movie). It is on his Album called Grown man that was released in 1995. Hope this is some help!!!!