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I'm seaching for fonts with four lines to teach beginners in English. I'd like to search for the fonts on the web. What do you call such fonts or what's the name of such fonts?
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Fonts with four lines? I have no idea what this might mean. Emotion: thinking
I think when people learn how to write the alphabet for the first itme, they use a notebook or a piece of paper on which four horizontal lines are printed at even intervals. The four lines help them to learn the height and position of the letters. for example, "a" is positioned between the second line and the third line from the top.

Some fonts have such flines on themselves. When you key in a letter of such fonts, the letter appears on the screen with four lines. So if you use such fonts to make a penmanship drill book and the learners use the drill book, they can easily know where to position the letters they're going to write.

I mean such fonts.
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I seem to remember that the paper I used when I was learning to write had 3 lines, ie 2 space areas.

A non-capital 'a' occupied the lower space. A capital 'A' occupied both spaces. The bottom part of a non-capital 'b' occupied the lower space, and its tall neck went into the upper space.

Best wishes, Clive
I used four-lined exercise books.

Clive, how did you write non-capital g, p, q and z?

Thanks, excellent point. (It was a long time ago.)

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Okay, now I know what it means, but still have no idea how to help you find them. Have you tried googling "teaching penmanship" or something like that?
I've seached for such fonts by using "teaching penmanship" or "penmanship" but I couldn't find any. I think if I could search by using their names I'll be able to find some. If somebody knows the name, please help me.
What is the name of the four lines in the copy of english
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