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i need help to answer this:

1-room used for business activity( ).

2-an account issued to a customer ahowing charges made,payments,received,and any balance owimg( ).

3-a strong metal container,aften with a locking system,for the storage of money and other valuables( ).

4-some body who does general a dministrative work such as word -processing,filling,and arranging a ppointment for an individual or an organization( ).

5-a collection of related documents or papers arranged or papers arranged so they can be consulted easily( ).

6-things used for writing:paper,envelopes,pens,pencils,and other things used in writing( ).

7-some body who is responsible for directing and controlling the work and personnel of business( ).

i hope u know the answers.

waiting for ur replys

1. office

2. statement (of account)


4. secretary

5. file (?)

6. staionery

7. manager (?)
6. staTionery

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thanks abbie to help me .thank you very much .but i have another qustion if u will help me

8-a set sum of money paid at regular intervals to an employee,especially for professional or clerical work( ).

waiting for ur answer
i got it it salary.thanks again

see u sooooooooooooooon
Exactly - well done. It can also be called "wage"
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Thank you, Pieanne. So busy thinking of my little mnemonic for stationery / stationary, forgot the 't' !Emotion: embarrassed