Could you please tell me the name of the sharp (3 or 4) points of a fork on the end which stick into the food?

Many thanks,

A fork consists of a handle and _____________________
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It's a strange word - tine / tines


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It's a strange word - tine / tines
Also "prong" is sometimes used.
AlpheccaStars It's a strange word - tine / tines
Is that in American English? I've only heard of the word prongs.
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tine (n.)
mid-14c., from Old English tind "spike, beak, prong, tooth of a fork," a general Germanic word (compare Old High German zint "sharp point, spike," Old Norse tindr "tine, point, top, summit," German Zinne "pinnacle"), of unknown origin (see zinc).
AnonymousIs that in American English?
'Tines' is fine in BrE,
Hi Clive, you appear to be tackling the real issues so I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. If you had to have either forks, knives or spoons for hands what would you choose. Thanks Clive
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