J Krishnamurti says that "Thought is a material process" How exactly to understand this statement? What is the context meaning of the word "material" here?
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Given no other context, I would take your sentence as "Though is a process performed by biochemical reactions in the brain cells"

Thanks Paco. Can you look for any other meaning on psychological arena. Can it be anything else other than the suggestion that thinking is a biomedical process. JKrishnamurti didn't use the subject as "Thinking" He used "Thought" Can you think about it little more vertically.
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The first definition of the noun "thought" in the Oxford English Dictionary is "the action or process of thinking; mental action or activity in general, especially that of the intellect; exercise of the mental faculty; formation and arrangement of ideas in the mind."

The noun "thought" can also mean a product of that mental activity "thought". But whoever can identify a "product" to be a "process"?

I'd be inclined to agree with Paco. Without more context, or more information about the writer's philosophy, 'material' here does seem to mean 'physical'.

I suppose we should exclude this definition of adj. 'material':

2 : having real importance or great consequences [Merriam Webster].

PS: Though if we call 'thought' 'material', it's difficult to see what we can call 'non-material'. And if we have nothing to call 'non-material', perhaps the word 'material' becomes meaningless.

In other words, the term 'matter' presumably depends on the traditional distinction from 'mind', if it is to have meaning.

But that's merely a byway...

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Krishnamurti is more effective if you just lie back and let his words flow around you, anyway-- without trying to analyze them to clinically.
I agree that JK is more effective if we just lie back and let his words flow around, any way without clinically examining them. I also realize that words are not the things. I was trying to get the meaning because I had always been assuming that thought has no mass and therefore it is not material. However your words are more meaningful to me, thanks
Can you please elaborate a little more whether at all Thought can be material process in the sense that it is a matter just because it is a output of a mechanism using bio chemical mass called brain. I also strongly feel that a recorded music on a material magnetic tape is not a material. It had only rearranged the little magnets on the tape. It is the same way thought cannot be material since it had only changed the neuron structures in the process of embedding itself in the biochemical mass as "Thought"
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