All through human history various country's have been the world leader at different times. All have faded away, though leaving influences that last even till today. Some from ancient times have been great civilizations that the people of their day thought would rule forever.
The British Empire was the last empire to dominate the world and the USA is the current world leader. People who study these things tell us that the USA has passed it's greatest dominence and is on the downhill decay that is consistent with it's predecessors.
Who do you think will be the next world leader?

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I think the United States still holds the trophy and will do so, for many more years to come.

SavvysavzI think the United States still holds the trophy and will do so, for many more years to come.

the world is very different now.For man now hold in his mortal hand -the power to destroy all foms of human life and all forms of human poverty
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Honestly I don't believe the United States will keep that trophy too many more years. I think most people believed the United States was untouchable and all-powerful until the tragedy arrived in Sept. 11, and that in some way proved they had their weaknesses.
If the United States falls from the throne of leading nation of the world, that will happen after a series of economical crisis. I'm sure that's not going to happen in one day. Probably it will be a gradual process which may take years, but certainly some day it is going to happen.
I'm not sure about the possible causes of this hypothetical crisis. I have some ideas on my mind but it is quite difficult to express them in this language.
I'm going to ask your question directly: I think a possible candidate to the throne might be China. However, I can't be sure about it.
Before discussing, or even considering, the possibility of the "next world leader", we should probably make sure that we agree such a person/country actually exists at present. I personally do not agree.

History has seen "world bullies" often, but I doubt there has ever been a such a figure as a "world leader". I see the States as the hugest bully of this era, but that is about all. I cannot find in the States or its governments anything that might make me see that country as a leader. Anyway, to answer the question "who do you think the next world leader will be?", I will say "hopefully, no one. Let each community have the leader they think is right for them; let each community handle their affais in their own way."

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We can't predict future.
But I think that China or Russia will be next World leader.
Western and Islam civilizations will exhaust each other in hot and cold wars.
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china will totally dominate the world
The world should be free of any domination because any domination means opression and any opression means rebel.

The USA is trying to dominate the world and impose their will on other nations. And it will lead only to the multiple local wars (like Afganistan or Iraq) I will never respect such a government.

Any world leadership is harmful because the world is so different. Let's live like equals and respect each other. This is the way to the global peace.
I think that in about 30 years asian coutry's like Japan and China will be world leaders..i just hope that it's gonna go the right way then..i'm not sure if they are ready for this yet.

hmm, i'm thinking about when Holland has been the world leader and i'm pretty sure that that was in the 17th centuary, VOC rules:P ..that's a loong time ago.
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