Hi everybody!
I would like you to help me. I am very curious of the old English, especially in old words, like 'Dost, thou, amongst etc.', so i think there must be dictionaries containing these words and their translation into the new English or explanations at least. Can anybody help me to find them?  
 And I am also curious of the old forms of verbs, like you know 'knowest, lovedst', so i would like to know, how to create them. Just add '-est' or '-st'?

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Minor point: "amongst" is still used in modern English -- at least, it is in British English.
I, too, love older English.

I think that "Thou art a good student" sounds so much better than
"You are a good student."

And I find "She hath a nice hat" more beautiful than "She has a nice hat."

If you google "Early Modern English," you will find many helpful articles. I believe that Early Modern English is the kind used in Shakespeare's plays.

Today many people in the United States still say "With this ring, I thee wed." That is certainly more beautiful than: I am going to give you this ring now and then we will be a married couple"!!!!
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many thanks!
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