The 2004 Oscar.

Lots of great films and directors and actors and actresses.
Billy Crystal is back and everyone likes him and his sense of humour, I think.
Sean Penn finally grab the golden statutte.

What do you think about the 2004 Oscar?
Good? Bad? Great? Unsatisfied with the results?
maybe this year's Oscar should be called a "Kiwi" Oscar.
this is a new word I've just learnt from Woodward. hehe
Hi there!

Could you clarify that "Lord of the rings" receive the awards for foreign films or there is no difference between foreign films and US based films?
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As far as I know, the foreign films are referring to those films which are not in English. So the "Lord of the rings" is not a foreign film. I don't know whether I'm right or wrong.
You're right, a foreign film is one that is filmed in another language other than English. For example there was a film in French nominated this year for best foreign film even though it was made in Canada. The films in English that come from Canada are not nominated for that category. Then again some film buff out there may easily prove me wrong.
SO...the Passion of the Christ could technically get a foreign film award because it was in Aramaic and...another language? Or would the subtitles effect their chances?

Oh, and, I think that for the 2005 Oscars, Jim Caviezel (who played Christ in the Passion) is a definite nominee for BA. Whether or not he'll follow that with an Oscar is....still unknown.

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