Please have him review the past form of verbs or Please have him review the past forms of verbs? Which is correct?

I asked a friend of mine who says it should be the past form of verbs because each verb only has one past form. But shouldn't form be plural in terms of verbs?

Thanks for replying
I agree with you: the past form of 'kneel'; the past forms of all the irregular verbs.

Anyway, some have more than one past form (learned, learnt, etc)
I agree with the OP and MM:

Please have him review the past forms of verbs.

is the right version, the reason being that you need to check all instances of past tense in verbs in that text, and that, said in a compact way, is the above.
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Yes, some verbs has more than one past form, but in this case I think the first sentence is right. We are talking about "past form" in general not about a specific verb.

We use to say "past tense" not "past tenses" -

"the past form of verbs" or "the past tense of verbs"

Maybe in other senteces using that word it can go to plural.

Do you agree with me?
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