I have just seen the Pianist. It's a wonderful film.
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Polanski is a great Catalan director.
Gosh, Pieter, you are totally nuts. Why did you say that? Did you really know what it means? Lol. Haven't I told you one thousand times that your comments always make me laugh? Emotion: stick out tongue
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is it the movie about the WWSecond? How about "Band of Brothers"? Did anyone watch?
No. Is it worth seeing?
it truly described the War. Excellent film of Tom Hanks n Steven Speiberg. it's long movie (10 parts) based on a true story. of course it is worth to watch. I promise
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Oh, I've watched "The Pianist" last Sat. Terrible moment of Jews. Im really excited with the reasonable survival of the Pianist. Goodness of SS officer who allowed him hiding in the attic and the piano throughout the movie are the best.
"Band of Brothers" is the best I've ever seen. Very real.
Yes, The Pianist is great. Story is sad and the acting is good.
Band of Brothers is the best miniseries I've ever seen. Very touchy and realistic. Lots of character dies, Jews were kept in horrible camp and war newbies lost their lives easily at the end of ww2. The ending still make me cry...... Emotion: crying
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