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its extremly wonderful

gr8 city

Here is some photos about the place where I live in , it ,s called ( Rijal Almaa )

Rijal Almaa is an area in south of Saudi Arabia

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All photo graphs are beautiful.
I will take some pictures of my hometown, and I'll show them all here.
Some more pictures from my native town of Kolomna in Moscow region.

This is the Skating sports complex where the European skating chamopionship will take place in January 2008.
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And this is a locomotive that is built in Kolomna.
Hi, here is a photo from my homeland. It's taken from the bridge standing nearest to my home.

How to add more photos? I can only insert links or one attachment.
Dominik, your place is really wonderful! And you added the photoes correctly. Thank you for the image!
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Hi, Dew.
I like your place. Russia is a very beautiful country with hospitable people.

I found of Holland. I have been there twice. People are very friendly and the country is very interesting.

The picture shows Wilanow Park situated near my home. In the distance you can see the Chinese garden house.
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