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Dominik, it's a really quiet place, I enjoyed it very much. Somehow it looks like some places in my country. We are so near, so close!
Yes, we are neighbours.
My district is rather quiet but it is changing unfortunately, because the City is growing. But still if you get up early you can see some soothing views.
This picture was taken near the Wialanow Park
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It's wonderful. We don't have swans on the lakes where I live. We can see ducks, geese and a lot of gulls.
My town is surrounded by three rivers. This is the Moskva river:
And this the Oka.
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And this photo was taken within the ancient Kremlin. In the past it was the main gate of the town.
Nice photos. I like nature and monuments. Oka is a nice river. During the World War II Polish soldiers singed "The Oka river flows and flows, as wide and deep as the Vistula river ."

This is the other park - Lazienki Park situated nearer the City centre. In my opinion this is the most beautiful and interesting park in Warsaw.
In the autumn Lazienki Park is really beautiful.
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Dominik! Thanks!

It looks really great. I like the scenery too. I'll add some photos later.
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