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The city where i live, the city which i love..Alexandria, the city which live in me, Ahlam Mesteganmi (Arabic Woman Author) Wrote once: some cities we live in but it's not live in us !
according to the spiritual relationship, the only city that can keep ur heart in, Alexandria..
especially in Winter.
it's streets, it's sea, it's Seeing in general as a bride, expensive one..
anyway, i love it !

here's some pictures, not of my own camera, but i'll put mine when i get some! my all old pictures has gone with my PC formatting.
i'll leave u with the pictures..

ur pictures are imazing, fantastic..

thanks Dew for this chance..

Really beautiful and interesting place. I like your town. A large piece of history. Warsaw is three times younger Emotion: smile

The best-known place in Warsaw is The Old Town by Vistula river. It was completely distroyed during The World War II but then rebuilt.
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thanks alot Dominik, this is for u:

thanks alot Dominik, this is for u:

Muslimah, thanks for the link. A very interesting project. Keep it up!

Here you can see

Another picture - the unknown Old Town. The Old Town in Warsaw is usually very crowded but there are some oasis of quietness.
This is one of the courtyards unfortunately today closed for visitors (the occupants of the house installed entryphone)

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i saw the old one, oh my God, all this destruction !!

ur photo above of the Lazienki Park is imazing, the place looks fantastic really..

how is weather in ur country\town ?
In Poland we always have hospitable weather:) In the winter is quite cold but in the sumer sometimes very hot. Today the weather was ideal for cycling. I traveled 35 km by bicycle to the nerby town Czersk. In this town there are ruins of the castle from 14th century. Here is a photo.
Specially for Muslimah a photo of a squirrel taken in Lazienki Park. The squirrels are very funny, once two of them climbed up my legs to get a nut.

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DominikI traveled 35 km by bicycle to the nerby town Czersk.
WOW...that's good.

thanks for the pictures, i really liked this parkEmotion: crying
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