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Lucky! There's only wet ground

I am an English man who worked in Rijal Alma in 1982 building the bridges and tunnels. I would like to talk to my friend from those days Ibrahim Shahbi. My email address is Email Removed">Email Removed.

Thank you
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Hi, folks! if anyone wants to see something of my native town of Kolomna on TV, you may see the European Speed skating championship that is held in Kolomna on 12-13 of January 2008.
By the way, it's not late even to visit it yourselves!
Then you'll be able to see my native town at night
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You'll see the churches
The ancient Kremlin (1525-1531)
And the competitions will be held in the new Skating centre.
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Hi I living in Riyadh ( capital of the kingdom of saudi arabia )


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