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OF!!! Great pictures!!! Thanks!!
The place I am living is really one of the best place in the world. It is a cosmopolitan city. Probably any coutry people in the world lives there. The city probably had the best transit system. If you pay a fare, a train almost can get you through the whole city. There are so many tall buildings in the downtown. Wow....you have see the view at night. It is so spectular...don't mention about the museums...there has one museum which last year has over 4.6 million vistors...also there are so many musical shows....dont mention about the food, you can eat all kind of cuisine.....

The bad thing about the city is that every time I look at the city it maks me think about the global warming because the sky to me it is not as clear as I thought it was. Almost every household here owns a car even though the tranist is very convience for them...

There are still more bad things but I just dont talk about them.
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Orange Flower

goood pictures taken...thanks

My native city is Yecaterinburg, here are some photos of it

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(missing image)
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I am living in the south of Saudi Arabia...This is the place where I was born and raised up...You can see my grandma house at the top . During winter the heavey fog blanket the mountian.

Great photos indeed!
I just notices that my photos in the first posts have vanished. I'll post the new ones.