I want to share some photos of my native town with you, my friends. I think that knowing the place where a person lives will add much more to the understanding of a person and the culture of the country he comes from. I invite you to share your photos too with some comments about the places in the photoes.

My native town is Kolomna in Moscow region. (110 km South East from Moscow) A big industrial centre with more that 150 thousands of inhabitants. It has a rich history that dates back to 1177. It is also a historical town with many links to the history of Russia. There is an ancient Kremlin and many churches in the town. It's a tourist centre too.

In January 2008 the European skating championship will be held in my town.

The first photo is one of the churches:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Nearly every year a flower show is hel in the streets of the town. Here is a picture of some compositions.
And this is a photo from the air in spring. It's only a part of the city. The city is 17 km long and 6 km wide.
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And in this photo you can see the Kremlin wall and the Skating centre where the European championship will be held in 2008.
hi everyone, here are my pictures

This is the tiny tiny village i live in.

And this is a photo of Gouda (the towncenter) here i spent my time, meet friends, go out, work, go to school, everything.

Here you can see a little bit of my house, on the right.

I don't live on a farm by the way:P

and this is the place i do my shopping:P nice info huh:D
Floxflow, It's great. Now it seems I visited Holland and walked with you around your native place! Thank you!!!
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good, ow the first one doesn't work! at least, at my computer, that's a waste.
But the rest are worth seeing. I like the one from the air most!
Hi ! ,

My hometown is Al Ain, which is the capital of Abu Dhabi’s mainland Eastern Region in United Arab Emirates. It is a green city nestling in the shade of a mountain called Hafeet.

This street looks scary from this sight! Emotion: zip itThe mountain district is surrounded by groundwater resources.

There are many forts and archaeological sites.

This is the center of the city.

I hope you enjoyed the trip !

// Regards //

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