The given picture illustrates the update in a resident theatre of England between 2010 and 2012. Overall, it is obvious that this structure has been devices in four different sections. Meanwhile, there are some zones to have preserved, more modern rooms have been established. Most of the major changes took place on the top of the map. To begin with, at the top of the area, the dressing room and shortage room were by adding another room. Whereas, dressing room just accounted for tiny places, the storage room has disappeared and in lieu of that shower, the coordination's room and admin office have been witnessed in 2012. In the middle, the stage and auditorium which are the massive area in hand still stable. Another aspect ( at the bottom), the positions of main doors continue remained throughout 2 years. The administration and ticket office have relocated and the whole of these regions design a restaurant. On the right-side, the ticket office and storage room have been set up in 2012 and the cafe has been destroyed.


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