Plural of genius

Yesterday's Staurday Telegraph caused me to question my current belief, that it is in fact genii, not geniuses. Could anyone give me any guidance on this matter?
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Plural of genius is geniuses.

Genii: pl. Roman Mythology. A tutelary deity or guardian spirit of a person or place. (Source: dictionary.com)
Googled www:

1,090,000 English pages for "geniuses".

126,000 English pages for "genii".

Googled UK pages only:

65,400 for "geniuses".

14,300 for "genii".
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To judge by the first few pages on Google, most of the hits for 'genii' don't relate to 'the plural of genius'.

As Julielai says, 'geniuses' is the usual plural.


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I thought the plural of "genius" was "mods mods mods mods"?

(Sorry, sorry, couldn't help it)
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Found this page by researching the same question, then researched a little more.

Currently, popularly, no, but originally, maybe, yeah.


Maybe it would be better to say that genius is the singular of both geniuses and genii. I've always thought the genii of legend were probably related to a genius loci.
was just wondering myself

perhaps no one was never meant to know.

perhaps there's only supposed 2b one
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