For the slang word "ho," does it make sense to add an "e" when pluralizing it, like with "tomatoes?" For example:

"What a buncha hoes!"

"Hos" seems wrong to me and easily mispronounced.


"What a buncha hoes!" The kind of people who say this probably never read or write anything, so discussing the spelling seems rather pointless to me.
'Ho' is really just a spoken-slang version of the word 'whore', and is used by people who don't know that.

I hope you are aware that it's also a very offensive expression to use.

To add to my indignation about this, some of the rappers who use this word have multi-million-dollar music contracts, and I don't. Emotion: crying

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I'd use hos.

'Hoes' are gardening tools.
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I know that, but it's a slang term. I'm concerned that the reader might read "hos" "hauz" or "haus" and get confused.
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Oh, yes, of course I know it's very offensive, Clive, which is why I'd only put it in the mouth of an offensive and/or outlandish character.

Rap is cr*p.

By the way, I tried pluralizing with "hos" at dictionary.com and the example they gave of it in a sentence was "Get these hoes outta here!"
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They don't like gardening.

I think that even discussing the term like this on this Forum is giving it a degree of legitimacy that is offensive to our female readers.

Cliveoffensive to our female readers.
If the sho fits ....

Your dictionary's example is not extreme enough.
More so is eg
" Gid dey hoes ouda hee !"

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Since it's an abbreviation, shouldn't it be ho's?

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