The poet
( homage to Attila Jozsef )

I’m a poet,
Engineer at a big construction,
I put all things into function,
Lion tamer with a big bone,
King on the toilette, alone,
Peasant, I plough with a word-tractor,
Historian, explaining wars, evil actions,
Why the Sieg Heil, why all that loss,
Why Jesus smiled on the cross,
Teacher, so that I can stroke you
When you’re bothered by Joe or a flu,
Lawyer so that I can defend you,
When they beat you in Zair or Malibu,
Pornstar when you are bored, my son,
Barmaid , so that you can have some fun,
Pilot that takes you high, and above all,
Electrician so that you can call
Your mother, lover, and if you miss Jane
I keep cleaning railways and trains,
I’m a doctor to save your life,
Cleaner to clean you with my eyes,
Actor so that you can love me much,
I can recite, cry, as you want,
A shrink so that you can cry to me,
Bear pain, death tenderly,
I pick orange so that you can breathe
Orange future, present and if
Orphans think that life is bitter,
I’m a smiling babysitter,
I’m a priest, talk to Him, please,
The way to an electric chair I ease,
In the church you can stroke the bench,
To feel, God, thanks that we are friends,
You can say you love me deep,
And your soul’s public property,
To have someone whom you can tell
Whom you killed one night, somewhere,
And if you are in a bed, dying,
I’ll be with you, unnoticeably crying.
Pieter, you have to have a soul to be a poet!
Hey Pieter, I really wish you're subject poet had been around for some of the worse times in my life.Emotion: smile
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He was there Peter. That's why you are here. With us.Emotion: smile
Pieter, please write more poems like these. We want you to be you, just you, only you. I can't remember what made me write my previous comment. Emotion: tongue tied
"Amit a szemeddel sejtesz,
kezeddel fogd meg azt-
akit szivedbe rejtesz,
old vagy csokold meg azt"

Attila Jozsef: To Freud's 80th birthday ( fragment)

"What you sense with your eyes,
grasp, hold with your hands.
Who you hide in your heart,
You'll kill or kiss in the end."
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Wasn't he the one who wrote " our souls are kissing, our bodies is just a thought". Those two lines impressed me.
No, Maj.No,No,No. I wrote:
"The soul is kissing. The body's just an idea."