Dear Teachers,

1. This movie teaches us how to appreciate the ones we love. 'cause we never know when they or us will leave this world behind.

- "leave this world behind" means "die" or "pass away", right?

2. Come on man! What's your point?

- "What's your point?" means "what do you mean?", right?

Thanks very much to Teachers,

Yes and Yes
"What's your point?"

means, IMO, at least sometimes, a slight reproach:
"In all this talk of yours, (and you're talking too much,) which is your main focus, your stress, your main subject of debate?"
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1. Yes, in this context "to leave behind" means "to die". It would have been too odd if "to die" had been used in this context. It would kill the sloppy style used in the previous sentences.

2. "What's your point?" = "What are you trying to say?"
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