Everyone has a power inside his or her body.
Men or women also” children” have power and I think its big power can change everything and every moment you live.

I read a book Raindrops the writer is Mariam Behnam. She is from Iran.
Raindrops is a book which you can dip into at will and is bound to be on w which you will return to time and again for her gentle words of wisdom and a no no-nonsense approach to our journey through life.

The power of a smile is chapter in raindrops book. Really, it was interesting.

Now I smile more than before. Even I am crying. Don’t say I am crazy, but when I smile I feel better and better.

I advice the people who always work and never smile.

Smile, Smile, Smile it will help you to finish your work and spend a lovely time.

Believe me just try.


By the way, who smile more?
Men or women? And
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Healthy words, good advice, how wise smiling while crying, that can cure the minds, maybe the bodies too.
I don't know who smiles more, does Mariam Behnam say something about it in her book?
Hi Silentwar,

I completely agree with you. Emotion: smile
When I'm sad, when I'm depressed, when I'm angry...... I often tell myself to smile, even though most of the time I don't feel like to do so. I try hard to convince myself that if I put a smile on my face it might change something with me at least.....!! Even if it's a tiny little change, it will surely change the atmosphere around me, and if I'm the lucky one I will notice the slight difference later on.
It's always better to smile nicely at someone than to frown at someone. I'd like to smile, smile and smile. Emotion: smile Even though sometimes people may think I'm crazy.....and even if sometimes I may scare them.....!!
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In fact, I don’t know who smile more men or women.

I was wondering about that so I asked.

Mariam Behnam she doesn’t write anything about who smile more men or women.

I asked my friend. She is a nurse; she said the women smile more than men do.
The reason is that they have hormones that make them smile more and at the same time, it makes them depressed.
On the other hand, men have the same hormone but it is less than women are.
I have a simpler explanation, I am smiling because I am happy and to be honest, my hormones were crazy since the day I was born. If you don't believe me you can ask my mom, she would very happily tell you all about that! Don't you smile when you are happy? Now you have made me curious, what do you do when you are happy? Anything in particular?
Maj, of course I do. Emotion: smile Of course I smile when I'm happy. A big smile from ear to ear on my face!! Emotion: wink
BTW, can you invite your Mom to the forum? Please.... then she call tell us more about you.
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A smile is very power full. I have never read the book you are talking about but I have experienced it myself. When I am walking on the shopping center and I see depressed or unhappy people, I smile at them. Looking them right in the eye and smile. Nothing more.
I'm not a very pretty person to see but 99,9% smiles back.
I love that.
So you are very right bey saying that a smile is powerful
Each stage of life is like passing many miles. We face lot of struggle and ups and down.
We are short of time of whatever we do. So, the question is how fast you reach the place where ur bright future is.

I could say Love could make any miracles or difference in our life. Similarly, a smile could take you a long miles very fast

A smile doen't cost anything and it makes life so much easier.
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