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I saw the other day, somebody said "the power went out" is that "went out" or "went off". Any other meanings between them? I thought went off is correct, any idea, any one? Please.
Thanks so much. [:^)]
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Personally I know it as go out which trasforms to went out.

'The power went out' is very common in casual N. American speech. It's a form of slang, really.

You'll also hear people say 'There was a power outage'. This is not considered as slang.

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Thanks so much all of u
By the way,
Power go off also correct, right?
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The pwoer went off yesterday.
The power goes off every day.
The power will go off tomorrow.

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Thank u Thanks u so so much. XOXOXOX
At my house the power did not go off

current has gone? or power is gone which sentence correct kindly guide me

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