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The problem with the the developing countries is not merely of illiteracy. The bigger problem is the general attitude toward the society, social insecurity, inequality of justice and, above all, economic discrimination. Take the US and the UK as an example. These two so-called superpowers aren't full of PhDs. It can be shown that in the States illiteracy rate is almost 35-40% and in the UK one in six British adults lacks the literacy skills of an 11-year-old. The UK government's Department for Education reported in 2006 that 47 percent of school children left school at age 16 without having achieved a basic level in functional maths, and 42 percent fail to achieve a basic level of functional English. Every year 100,000 pupils leave school functionally illiterate, in the UK.

The above stats make us to wonder that then what is so special about these nations? The answer lies in the real definition of the education. A degree doesn't essentially mean that the person is culturally educated. A person holding degree in Mathematics can be total illiterate of social sciences and vice versa. The real educated person is one who is aware of his surroundings, who knows his rights, who understands the actual meaning of democracy, who is not dictated by his prejudices and who is also on a quest to improve himself. The most profound element in the development of educated mind is objective thinking.

The secret behind the success of the West is intellectual exploration and cultural and social evolution.
Hi Jackson, Sorry, I don't have the stamina to get into your text right now. I only wanted to mess with the title of your thread. The problem with (the) developing countries is not merely one of illiteracy,

The use of "of" here is tricky. We say, "The problem of illiteracy is serious." "The problem is illiteracy." (no "of") "The problem is (not) merely illiteracy." (no "of")

If you make "one" the complement of the verb, you may then modify it with the prepositional phrase, "of literacy."

Just an aside.

- A.
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Yes, it 's much better: The problem is (not) merely illiteracy.

Or, perhaps: The problem is not merely because of illiteracy.
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