I am aware that there are (at least) two pronunciations of the word "beloved". (Sorry, I don't know how to show them in symbols, but I'll try!)
Beloved: bi-l^ vd (ends the same way as the third form of the verb "love" does)

Beloved: bi-l^vid (the end rhymes with "lid")

My question is, are there places where either is acceptabe?
The beloved leader
How should I pronounce this word here?

Many thanks for your input,


PS: Is the underlined sentence grammatically correct?

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I don't know of a situation where one pronunciation is prefered over the other. Personal choice?

Your sentence is correct.
My tendency is to pronounce it the first way if it follows the noun (as in "He was beloved by many") and the second way if it precedes the noun (as in "My beloved leader").
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My tendency is the same as Mr. Wordy's.
I'd also use the second pronunciation when "beloved" is used as a noun.
Just to make sure that I got you correctly-- am I to understand that both pronunciations are OK and either can be used in any situation. It's just the matter of personal choice!?


Could you please see my last question?


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Mr. Tomam I to understand that both pronunciations are OK and either can be used in any situation.
I wouldn't. I've told you that I agreed with Mr Wordy. I would only use pronunciation #2 here, for example:

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today..."

The use of pronunciation #1 would sound distinctly odd to me in the quote above. So, yes, I would consider pronunciation #1 wrong there.
I also think some people pronounce those words that start with "be" (or also "re" or "de") with the vowel sound "ee" as in "bee".

So some people might say "beloved" as "bee-loved".
yes, i reckon. that's what i usually hear, read and use as well.
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