hi i'm just a new user so im not quite familiar with this. i would like to ask for comments and suggestions for this: we're having a button pin challenge for the english campaign and it requires a tagline that composes of a SENTENCE. The sentence i thought is this "Take the lead, be ahead, speak in English, (1. w/ no regrets, 2. w/o a dread)" which will be more suitable? it has to follow the norms of grammar so if there's anything wrong in grammar feel free to correct me... and if you have a better tagline.. feel free to tell me! thank you very much! Emotion: nodding
Good to have you join us, snowangel93.

Why not treat it as a poem:

Take the lead,
Be ahead,
Speak in English
Without dread.
thanks for d advice! i'll be using that tagline in designing my button pin... thank u very much!!!