The pie chart shows the proportion of people from each household type living in poverty in UK in 2002.

The pie chart represents the data on various types of families who were poor in the UK in 2002 by percentage.

Looking at the chart, sole parents with poverty came the top with 26%, followed by 24% of needy single individuals who did not have any child at all. In contrast, the figure for spouse with children was a lot lower which was 15%.

As far as the remains are concerned with more details, there were merely 5% of old couples who experienced poverty which is the lowest percentage, while the proportion for those but no husband, wife or children reached 2% more than that. Lastly, the couples with no children accounted for 9%. Altogether, all kinds of households were estimated to get 14% which has a considerable portion in the chart.

Overall, it is clear to see that sole parent was the type of households whose people lived in poverty the most. Nevertheless, aged couples seemingly did not have the tendency to be needy a lot with the smallest percentage.

Here's the chart. Sorry!!

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Where did you get this task? It makes no sense whatsoever.

The categories have spelling errors and the data is nonsense. I think someone took this good Task 1 essay and mangled it, thinking that it represented an actual situation.

Use legitimate sites for practice essays.

I gave a student feedback on this Task 1 essay (Table) last year.

Thank you for your telling me this. I actually got the pie chart from a website called 'ieltsmaterial'. I thought the chart was accurate and reliable to practice, turns out it's just a made up chart.

Đỗ HươngI thought the chart was accurate and reliable to practice, turns out it's just a made up chart.

Most IELTS Task 1 essays contain "invented data" but the people that create them ensure they are plausible and sensible.

The person who made this one took the numbers from the table and changed them to add up to 100, without thinking about the subject and the mathematical soundness of that exercise.

And the students that attempted to answer the essay did not apply any critical thinking skills and determine that the task is fundamentally flawed.

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