I rented this DVD the other day and thoroughly enjoyed the entire film. I understand that while the writers didn't have direct access to the royals to get their feelings, they did have access to many people who would be "in the know" and can be trusted. I'm particularly interested in what our British cousins think of the film. IMDb reports that Betty Windsor refuses to watch a film about the worst week of her life.
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Is this another one of those Queen Elizabeth movies?
JulielaiIs this another one of those Queen Elizabeth movies?
Yes, but with quite a different twist. This one deals with the family's reaction to the death of Diana. Not your usual Elizabethan drama Emotion: wink.
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Im sorry to say, it is an awful movie to me, why not just simple named it into" Diana" instead of the "Queen", very boring, nothing special , it cant provoke my "appetite" or draw any of my attention....
Although the Queen is not the type the movie that I usuallly like to watch, I might borrow it. Just curious what kind the thing between the queen and the Prime Minister Tony Blair... I guess it would be intertested to watch them.
I found the movie very interesting. I admit it can be a bit boring sometimes, but it's a very good picture of British society and I found the style it was directed very truthful and able to express Bristish costumes.

In my opinion, it could be difficult to undertstand for people who are not from there.

Finally I found Helen Mirre, tha main actress, superb.


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I thought it was too much likethe satirical tv series "Spitting Image", but Mirren did an excellent piece of work.
Well... I dont' know that. You are English, aren't you? So, you know better!

I wrote that it is diffcult to understand for people who are not from Great Britain, because I was told by someone that he couldn't believe that the behaviour of the royal family was so cold and detached all the time. He found he untruthful.

When I was younger I met some very upper class people in England. I was living with them and it has not been easy at all. I could hardly believe human beings could behave like that because of their family name. It was like entering to a completely unknown, unbelievable world to me. Quite tough, if you are not used to it.

About Helen Mirren, I agree with you. I really liked her.

There is a curious belief that keeping your emotions to your self and your family is being cold and unfeeling. I do not believe that. It is quite possible to feel deeply distressed and at the same time prefer not to go wailing around, spilling all your emotions out. In fact, thoser who are most emotional in their behaviour can also be the more shallow in their feelings.
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