Well, Hi everybody,

i wanna talk here about a fact that was Hidden a long time ago is it By the Media?? or By the Govornement??? or by Other Authorities!!!!!! Who knows, what I only Know is that it's time to come over it and our Duty is to send the picture , I mean the real One the one we were used to see with the Golden head or what we call in Arabic Quoba is not the real Aqssa but it's the masjid called "kobat asakhra"

For all muslims and Non-muslim who are intersted to know

here u can see the both Mosques and the real Aqssa

Emotion: smile
if any one have acomment or didnt know , u can share it with us .

here the two Mosques again,

take a look here also Emotion: smile
Hello Rta

I know that before, cuz I am muslim from Egypt.

I do not know if you are muslim or not, pls tell me.

Any way you have to know that the 2 mosqes are the same for muslims = one value. One called Al masjid Al Aqsa and the other called masjid Qubat al Sakhrah.

The jews want to wreck Al Aqsa cus they claim the existence of their temple under it,(LIERS),

and ask muslims to be satisfiied with the another mosque .

best regards

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lol it's not hidden by anyone many ppl knows what is al aksa mosque and what is kobet al sakhra some ppl are just mistaken (maybe cuz they r both in the same place:d) but it's not hidden by anyone it's well known and it's studied at schools as well
hi aleen i dont share the same point with you, because if it wasnt hidden why many people think that "Quobat al Sakhra" Mosque is "Al Aqssa" and why all pictures of the Mosque shows only "Quobat Al Sakhra " Mosque!!! and why even in every manifestation of Arabs wether in palestine or any other Arab country the pictures they hold are of "Quobat Al Sakhra" instead of the real Mosque, you know it's just recently that i've saw the real Mosque iv' always thought that Quobat al Sakhra is the real one!!! so you think that it's a normal thing??? not only me but it's the case of many other Muslims , i think that there is something behind this !!! dont you think so!!!
hi Miss muslima,

iam muslim too yes, and iam fROM Morocco.
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if it's really hidden then why me "a normal person" know which one is masjid al aksa and which one is kobet alsakhra Emotion: big smile besides that's what we have been learning in our history books since the first grade then no one wants to hide anything it 's just a mistake if not what would be the reason for hiding such information that many muslims know as well ( if someone really wants to mislead muslims then many do know the truth and can reveal his lies) maybe cuz both are pretty close and btw the Israeli government wants to destroy both of them
hi Aleen, i dont mean that it's ur country who is responsible but jewish people they try to delete the real image of the real Aqussa, maybe they have some partners in the arab community who help them to do so, because u know that there are many people who betray their country , so it can be a reason, iam not saying this from my mind but i've heard this many times and saw it in many pictures that's why i tried to make people who didnt know like me the difference between the two Mosqus.Emotion: smile
ya i know you didn't mean my country anyways AL Aksa mosque is not considered in my country anymore Emotion: tongue tied and i agree many muslims don't know which is the real one but i guess it's just amistake cause many ppl know the truth as well besides Israel wants to delete both of them and everything related to them they want the whole place to build their temple
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