I wonder if after "the same as" I always have to put a noun, or if I can also put a preposition. If not, then the following should be odd and I should leave "as" out:

That difference is the same as between A and B.
The difference between C and D is the same as between A and B.
That verb is used the same way as in Italian.
She looks the same as in that movie with John Badactor.

Opinions? Thanks Emotion: smile
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There's nothing wrong in using a preposition after 'the same as', so your examples are all okay.
Ok then, let's hope there's nothing wrong. Thanks Lana Emotion: smile
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There's nothing wrong for sure, no need to hope. Emotion: smile Without those prepositions the sentences lose their sense, as you have noticed.
Yes, I can't leave out the prepositions, but I was thinking of leaving out the second "as"... Not sure it's better or even ok, though. Emotion: smile
Where did you find the second 'as' in the sentences? Emotion: tongue tied
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Ooops, I meant the "as"... If it is ok, can I also leave it out? And would that be better? Hmmm... Emotion: smile
You cannot leave it out. To me, it loses its sense then.
RuslanaYou cannot leave it out. To me, it loses its sense then.
Allow me to joke and highlight "to me". Emotion: wink
I see, thanks. Anyway, I still think in some cases that "as" could be left out, but it doesn't matter... I was more worried about including "as" than leaving it out, actually. Thanx Emotion: smile
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