I would need some help regarding the search options in EnglishForward.com. Some other forums that I use have a very simple and effective search function.


You just need to write your name and ANY ONE WORD that you remember in the post you are looking for. That ONE word leads you to that particular post. But in EnglishForward.com when I do the same thing (for example, I just used the word "yellow" in one of my recent posts), type my name in the user's box and type the word "yellow" in the given box...nothing happens--I mean, I don't reach the post in which I used the word "yellow".

Could you please help me?



I don't quite like the forum's search system, either. Emotion: sad

However, for searchs like the one you describe, you could consider using the Advanced search.

Type the word "yellow" in the first box and your nick in the third, and you'll get .
(you could also refine the results using date and tags).
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Thanks, Tanit. But the problem is the search engine gives all posts started by me... and of course the "yellow" one is there. I was trying to find the post in which MM called Yankee "Yank". Try to find it through the search engine. You will not be able to do so.


As I said before, I don't like the way the search works here.
That said, MM called Yankee "Yank" a few times on these forums. Emotion: smile
(Of course, I don't know which post you're looking for).

Maybe Punky or Lana will stop here and say something about Lucene. Emotion: smile