I have recently reached to the shortest sentence with all letters;lazy,&quick tv-show frog jumped in a bx.(bx. is an approved abbreviation of box).Only a,i,o,and u are repeated,and all are vowels!Thank God!and thank you!
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You could make a sentence with just 2 letters..."Go"
Facetious also has all the vowels but they are in order.
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Technically, "facetiously" is the shortest word with all 6 vowels in order. You forgot 'y' which is sometimes a vowel (like in this case).
delete all punctuation

use 'and' instead of '&' (still one word)

use 'television' instead of 'tv' (still one word)

abbreviations are not allowed.

hint: look at the standard keyboard; use only the keys with a single alphabet letter

Trivia: as far as I know, the common sentence(s) with all the alphabet began as a typing exercise.

If one types: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

fifty times without looking at the keyboard

with no mistakes

then, do it again

voila! a typist!

[The next step is to learn the numbers 1 through 0 without looking at the keyboard]

another hint: the trick to typing is in placement of the fingers on the keyboard on the 'at rest' position.
I hate to burst your bubble, but technically, 'Go' is not a sentence.

A sentence must have a subject and a verb, which is a minimum of two words.

There are many two-word sentences, but an old favorite is

Edward Lears' treatise on Germs

Adam hadem
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The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.[F]
I hate to burst YOUR bubble, Anon, but a sentence can have an understood subject--in this case "You".
dude, the words "Go", "hi", "hello", etc. are words that can stand by itself -_-
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