I am ashamed to say but I don't know how this - @ - is called. Is it 'ad' or 'at'?
Trivia time,

Octothorpe gets it's name from: Octo, 8 points on the symbol and the name Oglethorpe (English soldier, philanthropist, and colonizer)

All that just for the symbol #

I call it a hash anyway #
"at" meaning the address.
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Shame on me. Is there any special word for it (I mean what you call it when @ is outside an address?)
Trivia time, yipee!

"@" is called the "commercial at sign", or "at" for short.

Also, "#" has many names such as "pound", "number", "hash", and "octothorp".

Octothorp? What the...
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Wow! Oglethorpe! Great!

Don't tell me there is a person responsible for giving name to ANY KEY Emotion: smile Where is it on the keyboard, by the way?Emotion: smile