Clark: Could you check my story? I couldn't finish it. I guess I'm not ready
to fly solo.
Lois: The sky is a big place. (You'll learn some day?) Looks like you've got one
too many names on there. Repetition of names?

Clark: I just thought you'd want
to have some creative input. Nice preface?
I am sorry for letting you down.
Lois: Is this an olive branch? (A small truce?) 'cause there better be a
whole tree somewhere in here. And maybe a new pair of jeans, too.
It's not every day Lois Lane allows herself to be stood up.
Sky is a big place - "flying solo" in such a big sky is difficult, don't feel ashamed to have failed.She's continuing his metaphor.

One too many names - no, this sounds like he's added another name as author and she thinks it's unnecessary. The next sentence makes me think he's added her name.

Creative input - this could mean anything that contributes to the story creatively (as opposed to proofreading for typos, for example)

Olive branch - this is an offering of peace. I believe the expression comes from the biblical story of Noah in the ark.
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
DelmobileThe next sentence makes me think he's added her name.
Well, yeah, he did. Under the story's title - by Lois Lane and Clark Kent. By she has circled
only some names in the article itself not her name in the title.
Even if she hasn't circled her own name, I don't see how her remark could refer to anyone else.
Thank you very much, D!Emotion: smile
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