Song of Dawn
( by Andras Ferenc Kovacs, translation by Peter Szabo)

Walk through me as the daybreak,
as dawn room blue light sprinkles,
quivers, pervade me as when glass breaks,
and splinters give birth to tingle.

Be my voice so, fill me deep,
in my body shiver me apart,
as awaking, when light breaks in,
to your too heavy, dark eyes.

Become a vision that I watch,
as mute things watch a wonder,
as knife that flashes in naked touch,
as your skin brushes gay thunder...

As true, indifferent, sharp blades
wild years permeate my love,
I ask you, take my blood’s place,
I love you, much, as sin does.

I gaze at your sleeping face :
we don’t exist, none’s flushing,
hold me, if us together sweeps
the deep heartbeat of nothing.
Very nice one but I'd like to think about the last line.
May I ask you what the last line means to you, if it means anything at all?
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Haven't you just been lying and listening to the heartbeat of nothing?
Lots of times, on my own.
We are always alone. Sometimes we are being swept together by the Heartbeat of nothing.
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