I understand the meaning of 'The sooner, the better.'

I wonder, instead of 'The sooner, the better,' what I can say by using a conjunction or a conjunctive phrase and a full sentence that has a similar meaning as 'The sooner, the better.'

The only conjunction or conjunctive phrase I can think of is if and the full sentence is as follows:

If you do this the sooner, that's the better.

Is my sentence above correct?

Could you give some different conjunctions or conjuctive phrases from if and make full sentences that have a similar meaning as 'The sooner, the better'?

No, you can't create the sentence you did because there isn't a noun "sooner" or a noun "better."

It's a shortcut for "The time when this happens, which must be soon" and "The situation that will be better."

The situation will improve in direct proportion to the speed with which this happens.

Another one: The more, the merrier. The atmosphere will be more and more merry in direct proportion to the number of people who are here.
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Thanks for you prompt and detailed reply!


Is it possible to make a full and complete sentence fulfilling the following three conditions?

1. Use a conjunction or a conjuctive phrase.

2. Use 'sooner' and 'better'.

3. Make the meaning of the full and complete sentence similar as 'The sooner, the better.'

Would you give as many different conjunctions or conjuctive phrases as possible?
If it is done sooner, the situation will be better.

If more people come, it will be merrier.
How nice and wonderful!

The most typical conjunction is 'if,' isn't it?


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