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Which dictionary is the best source for the American English ?? Many definitions from dictionaries like Cambridge , Oxford , Longman simply differ . They have sometimes unclear definitions or in some dictionaries there are more entries than from other ones . Also some dictionaries say that some words may be called 'dissaproving' while other dictionaries don't give such definitions . It refers not only to the American English but I'm interested in this variety of the English Language .Someone told me that probably The American Heritage Dictionary is the best reliable source . Is it true ? What do the native speakers think of it ?

Thanx in advance
I agree with Mister Micawber. I use Merriam-Webster online. I have it bookmarked and probably use it once a week. One of the things I like about it are the usage notes and the idoms. For example, if you type in "upon" it will give you "draw upon," "fall upon," "put upon" etc. so you can get the idioms as well.
http://www.onelook.com /

Try the above onelook dictionary link. You type in a word and it will give you the url to many online dictionaries. After trying different sources, you can determine your own favorite.
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I like the American Heritage Dictionary online, but my hardcopy dictionary is Merriam-Webster's Collegiate. I am sure that others will have their favourites-- there is no one best dictionary; they should be used in tandem for the fine points of English vocabulary.
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The Longman American english dictionary
Thank you for your replies...I'm thinking of choosing The American Heritage Dictionary...